Refrigerator American Infiniton SBS-717GWDA class TO ++ 177cm


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Refrigerator American Infiniton SBS-717GWDA class TO ++ 177cm

The fridge American SBS-717GWDA Infiniton combines the best design and technology most avant-garde so you have in your kitchen the best style.
Large capacity, minimalist style

Full capacity net is 562L, being 362L refrigerator and 200L freezer.

With American fridge freezer SBS-717GWDA Infiniton save on your electricity bills light because is rated energy ++, spending just 0.99kWh/24h.
Technology LECO System, lengthens the life your food

Our System LECO System emitting small particles dioxide hydrogen that neutralise and eliminate bacterium that generate the bad smells, getting dehydration minimum food. This results in an increase in its life up to 4 weeks plus to to food in to fridge that don’t have this technology.

The fridge American SBS-717GWDA Infiniton is equipped with digital temperature checkpoint and to LED display outside.

Inside optimized and careful when maximum:

LED light inside
Glass shelves with embellishers aluminum
Drawer for vegetables
4 balconies in the fridge door
4 balconies on the freezer door
1 drawer in the freezer

The freezer is 4 *** ensuring perfect maintenance of food because his temperature reaches-24 °C.

Measures American fridge freezer SBS-717GWDA are 177x91x70 cm

American fridge freezer White Crystal

Full capacity 562L

Capacity refrigerator 362L

Capacity freezer 200L

Noise 43dB

Energy consumption 0.99kWh/24h

Climate class SN / N / ST / T

Measures 177x91x70 cm

Energy classification TO ++

LECO System

LED Display Outdoor

Digital temperature checkpoint

Freezer 4 ****

LED light inside

Drawer for vegetables

Glass shelves with aluminum edge

8 balconies door


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