New XIAOMI MIJIA Pinlo Blender Electric Kitchen Juicer Mixer Portable food processor charging using quick juicing cut off power


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Handy juice machine

Drink anytime, anywhere
Small and portable | rechargeable battery | power failure protection | convenient operation

Walking juice machine
Fresh fruit territory expands again

Vegetables and fruits can be confined to the kitchen. A small juice-carrying “cup” can carry you away from power. Whether in the office, gym or picnic park, on the outskirts of the journey … The Pinlo handy juice machine allows you to easily make freshly squeezed juice anytime, anywhere, and drink healthy.

Long-life battery with large capacity
Give you all-day drink and enjoy

The Pinlo portable juice machine has a built-in 1 800mAh / 5C rechargeable battery. When fully charged, it can make about 20 glasses of juice, with a total amount of more than 7L, which is equivalent to the daily drinking water intake of 2 adults, easily meeting your daily needs Juice intake.

70W rated power
Exquisite balance between strength and durability

The rated power of the Pinlo portable juicer motor is 70W. Under the premise of ensuring the juice extraction effect, the motor energy consumption is appropriately reduced, and the power conversion rate is increased, so that the juicer can make delicate beverages for you longer.

4-blade stainless steel blade
Fruits and vegetables fully mixed

The Pinlo handy juice machine uses a 4-leaf stainless steel cutter head, which can give full play to their strengths during work, fully mix and blend the ingredients, let the small power exert great energy efficiency, and let the nutrition and deliciousness of fruits and vegetables be fully released.

Spoiler groove body
Stirring effect bonus

The uniquely designed grooved cup body has a turbulent effect, improves the effective power of the juice machine, can process the ingredients more delicately, and makes the drink taste smoother.

Intelligent power-off protection
Security is never negligent

The main unit of Pinlo handy juice machine is equipped with a micro-motion protection device and a timing chip. When the cup body is separated from the main unit, idling, overtime operation and other abnormal conditions, it will automatically power off and shut down to ensure safe use.

Small size and easy to carry
Put health and freshness in your pocket

Pinlo handy juice machine has a compact body, designed for portability, more flexible placement in the bag. Wherever you want to go, it can accompany you with freshly squeezed juice.

Micro USB charging interface
Do not account for sockets

The Pinlo portable juicer comes standard with the Micro USB charging port used by mainstream mobile phones. There is no need to continuously power on, and there is no need to occupy an extra socket when used with other appliances at home.

Easy to clean
One shot

Thanks to the patented main body, simple design of the cutter head, and the waterproof charging cover specially added for easy cleaning, the Pinlo handy juice machine can be directly rinsed, and the remaining food ingredients are easily washed away.

Good experience in the details

Hidden blade
Avoid leakage or accidental injury

350mI capacity

One person fruit and vegetable meal replacement
No burden on nutrition

ABS shell

Tritan cup
Provide a durable experience


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